13 Best Underrated Movies in Tollywood


Best Underrated Movies in Tollywood


This was the masterpiece delivered from the master Trivikram.The episode of a taxi driver turning into a god for a  village is what not went through the audience.The thing which Trivikram tried to convey was not convincing enough is what experts say. But the movie records tremendous TRPs when aired on the television, which is a proof that this one is not the one which deserves the results it actually recorded.

Khaleja movie dialogue underrated telugu movies


No wonder this flick tops the list of the underrated films of Telugu cinema.The director portrays the character of the lead actor in an extraordinary manner. The issue with the movie was, it was a bit ahead of its time where the people were not set to receive such a heavy violence indulged it.

jagadam dialogues underrated telugu movies


Puri Jagannadh, the gun kind of director delivered this movie with an immense display of the wanna-be aspirants who step up to the gates of the cinema industry with loads of hope.In short it was a satirical flick on the deluge cinema industry. Though it bagged many awards, it deserved a much better commercial success than what it did.

Nenithe movie dialogue underrated telugu movies


Gaganam was one path of the film which was never traveled before in Telugu cinema.The Director makes us stick to the seats with the brilliant screenplay. Pulling only A center audience was its drawback. Nevertheless, Gaganam deserved to be a much-applauded flick, which it didn’t.



This talented young guy Nara Rohit never fails to deliver something new to the spectators. Baanam had an amazing content which included a beautiful album. The director was just focused on the story skipping all the unwanted commercial elements, which resulted in failing in reaching a commercial success.

banam movie  underrated telugu movies


This movie can be called a path breaking movie without any hesitations.The best thing about this film is, it gifted the extremely gifted director Chandra Shekar Yeleti to the Telugu audience.Though it was critically acclaimed, it didn’t manage to make the business.



This is yet another movie of Sharwanandh which has all the rights to be called a good movie.The screenplay was an extraordinary thing in the movie.But the deceleration of the tempo in the second half might have been the drawback for the movie.Nevertheless, Ko Ante Koti is a completely contrast movie from the regular commercial ones.

Ko Ante Koti dialogue underrated telugu movies


This masterpiece needs a special mention in the list.It is such a cult delivered by the genius Sukumar. If the result of the movie was different, we would have witnessed many more new wines, unlike the many movies which offer the old wine in the new bottle.The attempt should definitely be admitted as the bravest by the team.

1 nenokkadine interval dialogue


The director came up with a delicate story which the audience were not able to handle with.The movie was not able to fill the B.C centers which were to happen anyhow. The lack of pace in the narration contributed to its result.

orange movie dialogues


Let me start this with the word MAHESH BABU. He is the soul of the movie, who took the everything onto his shoulders.Despite its excellent content and fantastic performances, Nijam was not able to survive at the Box Office.

nijam movie


Gautam Menon has been the care of address for the sensual love stories came up with this movie indulging the very talented lead cast.It gives you a feeling of a cool breeze in a desert.With the absence of the commercial elements, this movie bent down at Box Office.

yeto vellipoyindi manasu


You may not agree with the fact that this movie is underrated, but this classic was not appreciated much when it was played on the silver screen. Later, it has been a superlative hit when aired on the television sets. The screenplay was at its best and the comedy sequences are a laugh riot.So, I personally feel that this movie deserved a much better success than what it did.

athadu movie dialogues


It was a great attempt by R.P.Patnaik against the corruption. Though the movie has it drawbacks, the movie makes its impact. It deserved an applause for its  content.

broker movie dialogues



  1. Prasthaanam
    Missamma (new)
    Okariki Okaru
    Pilla Zamindhar

    These are underated too, how can you forget Prasthaanam?

  2. andari banduvayya

    inka ennenno…

    manollu vetini hit chestaaro..vetini fut chestaaro…evariki teliyadu….

    MOST OF THE TIMES…… pokiri lo dialogue laaga….
    manollu… .”Gandhi” anna peru petti cinema theeste choodaru…
    “kadapa king” ani petti teeste…100 days…200 centres…

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