iOS 9 Features and Review Public Beta


iOS 9 Features

The surface of iOS 9 may not look a whole lot different from iOS 7 or 8, as it turns out it brings a lot of new features.

The Biggest Changes,

Siri, there is a new glowing bar at the bottom in the Siri tone has been replaced with quick vibration.

Siri ios9

Aside from the design Siri feels a lot more contextually aware now you can ask location based questions and everything like showing photos.

ios9 features

The Task Switcher is seen a makeover its own.

Task Switcher ios9

The keyboard has also been slightly tweaked finally differentiating upper and lower case letters.

ios9 keyboard

Apple Maps now has transit information released in select areas and is fully integrated with Siri.

Apple Maps ios9

Notes App has been updated input method feels much more useful service now.

Apple Notes ios9

Settings have been changed as well, the battery section offers a low power mode and more detailed breakdown of battery usage. You can now manually adjust the resolution of videos, but the option to come from the default of 1080P at 30 FPS and 1080P at 60 FPS.

camera ios9 features

In passcode, you now have the option for six digit PIN number vs traditional four-digit for added security.

Passcode ios9

The News App, there is a Flipboard with different genres or even specific sites that you visit more often.

 ios9 features

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