Mi Flash Sale Fake or Real? Diwali


Mi Flash Sale Fake or Real?

How many of them really got products for 1 Re?

Every tech geek is angry on Mi for cheating people about the flash sale. No one has got a product for 1 Re as per our knowledge. When you click on Buy now you are queue please wait and next message Out of Stock. The flash Sale which Happened  at 2 pm and 6 pm. Why do such a big company cheat on people? We all know Mi is experiencing its tough time in recent days. Most of the tech geek are yelling that just its a bluff to grab the attention of the people. It is really a pathetic move from Mi.

Mi Flash Sale Fake or Real?

How many of you got the product for 1 Re Please comment below.



  1. I read the reviews of people on the mi re 1 sale everyone is blaIzing angry on the brand for fooling them, seems nobody got a product in this flash sale.

  2. yes the sale was fake even other sites prove it their javascript did not had the message for successful purchase of the product .Never expected this from xiaomi

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