SayNoToPeerPressure: A wonderful message from Venkatesh Daggubati to the Youth


SayNoToPeerPressure: A wonderful message from Venkatesh Daggubati to the Youth

Here’s an amazing message by our very own Venky to the youth

Details ::

Say No To – Peer Pressure is a Video aimed at building awareness in adolescents in learning to say no to peer pressure in getting addiction habits. This is an initiative by Dr. Lalitha Anand of Teenage Foundation.

The Message is conveyed by Victory Venkatesh
Written & Directed by Jennifer Alphonsse
Presented by Dr. Lalita Anand
Produced by Teenage Foundation
Cast: Indu Kusuma, Chandu, Praneeth, Abdul Razak, Mahendar, Sana, Anuhya, Ali Ebees, Syed Shanoor, Abdul Hafiz, Shravani, Kalyan,
Cinematography by Suryaa
Editor: Praveen Boyina
Music by Siddharth Sadasivuni
Puppet Vfx: Hema Kumar
Art by Raj Kumar
Line Producer: Devara Madhukar
Creative Consultant: Ravi Subramanyam
Creative Assistance: Veena Gopinath, Abdul Razzak, Maddee
Asst. Cameraman : L Sai Kiran
Post Production: Prime Focus

The video is about “Peer Pressure”
During adolescent years’ teenagers get acutely self-critical about themselves and crave for acceptance and appreciation by their peer group. In fact, rejection or indifference by peers can be very hurtful. Their language, behavior, dress sense and needs are dictated by peer pressure. Sometimes peer pressure takes on a dangerous avatar. It may force a teen into risky activities like smoking huqqa or cigarettes, drinking alcohol, doing drugs or speeding on highways etc which may be life threatening.
Tollywood Film Actor Venkatesh ( Daggubati Venkatesh )
Teenage Foundation is grateful to Film actor Venkatesh for lending his awesome screen presence to speak about Peer Pressure in the video. The video is called Peer Pressure and has visuals depicting how young teens get influenced and carried away into doing wrong things and destroy themselves. Venky has a strong and impactful message for the youngsters.
“In the beginning its all fun and cool.
You feel let me try it once and that’s how it all begins
You start saying yes to your friends
Because you don’t want to upset them,
You feel they will leave you,
You feel everybody is doing it,
Why should I be left out?
You don’t think about the consequences,
You know it’s dangerous,
Ýou don’t want to disappoint your friends, but at what cost?
If you could only say “NO”
It doesn’t matter what others think of you,
It doesn’t matter if you are left out,
It doesn’t matter if your friends leave you,
What matters is YOU,
STOP allowing others to pull your strings,
Learn to say NO,

The aim of this video is to caution one and all not to succumb to Peer Pressure and harm oneself. It also gives an idea to the teenagers not to indulge in such risky behaviors and be assertive when they want to say NO. The idea of requesting actor Venky to join hands with us is to send out a strong and impactful message to the teenagers and the society at large.


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