Here’s Some Crazy Stuff called “DabbuluChalatle” from TheShakeGroup that you should Check out


Here’s Some Crazy Stuff called “DabbuluChalatle” from “TheShakeGroup” that you should Check out

The 1st Telugu band “TheShakeGroup” is now back again with some crazy stuff for their second music video which is named as “DabbuluChalatle”. DabbuluChalatle is a music video which is based on the current scenario in our country. Well, the execution fo DabbuluChalatle music video by TheShakeGroup is fantastic. The lyrics for this DabbuluChalatle music video is very catchy. One more important point was that is acapella (No Instrument is used for making this Song. Every sound has come from the singers mouth.)

Here is the awesome  “DabbuluChalatle” music video from TheShakeGroup (1st Telugu Band )

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“DabbuluChalatle” music video details

DabbuluChalatle – The Shake Group
Lyrics – Anantha Sriram
Music Composed & Vocals Arrangement – Aditya Iyengar
Beat Boxing – Noel Sean & Aditya Iyengar
Edit & Direction – V

Artists –
Ramya Behara
Damini Bhatla
Mounima CH
Mohana Bhogaraju
Anantha Sriram
Noel Sean
Aditya Iyengar
Adhire Abhi
Arun Chilluveru
Label – Velrecords
Produced – The Shake Group


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