Here’s our genuine review on AmiThumi


Here’s our genuine review on AmiThumi

Ami Thumi movie has hit the screens today all over the world. So, here we present you the positive & negative things in the film. Check it out.!


  • VENNELA KISHORE(It won’t be exaggeration if we say he is the hero in this film. Right from the entrance of his character to the end of the film he will make laugh like hell.)
  • All actor’s performances ( Right from tanikela Bharani Garu to Eesha everyone has done their jobs well)
  • Direction & Dialogues
  • Production values
  • Eesha’s Telangana slang
  • BGM
  • Comedy


  • Introduction of characters
  • Some comedy scenes don’t appeal to B & C centers mass audience.
  • Avasarala & adivisesh Sesh character’s can be given more importance


This weekend if you want to enjoy with laughs then don’t miss it. It’s an out and out comedy entertainer.

ALL LATEST NEWS Rating : 3.5/5.0


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