Checkout our interview with RajaMeeruKeka heroine Shobhita Rana


Checkout our interview with RajaMeeruKeka heroine Shobhita Rana

Raja Meeru Keka is all set to hit the screens on this friday i.e on June 16th. So , here we have done an awesome interview with the talented Shobhita Rana who is playing the female lead role in this film.!

Checkout our interview with RajaMeeruKeka heroine Shobita Rana

Q) How did u get into Tollywood.?

A) Well, that was my first audition for a South film, I had come to hyderabad to audition for raja meeru keka and I got selected.

Q) How was it working with Noel Sean , Revanth , Anchor Lasya & RJ Hemanth

 A) I had a great experience shooting with Noel, Revanth, lasya & Hemanth. We all connected on the first day itself. I was the only one who couldn’t understand Telugu but all of them made me very comfortable on sets. Great team to work with!

Checkout our interview with RajaMeeruKeka heroine Shobita Rana

Q) How was your experience working with director kishore.?

A) Kishore sir is so sweet! I have never seen him in bad mood or shouting on anyone. Always serious n focused!

Q) Few Words about RK Studios/ Raaj Kumar

A) He is very dedicated towards his work. Everyday he used to come on set. I have not seen many producers doing that. So impressive!.


Q) What kind of role is your’s in RajaMeeruKeka.?

A) I’m playing a doctor in the film who treats patients. She falls in love with Revanth, becomes really good friends with Noel, lasya and Hemanth. They become friends like family! It’s a story of a group of friends who meets with an accident that changes their lives!

Q) Is ur role in Raja Meeru Keka close to your real character.?

A) Little bit, I have a helpful nature.

Q)Tell us about Tarakaratna garu, the baddy in Rajameerukeka.! How was it working with such a person who is from a great family background.?

A)  I was glad to share the screen with him. I have seen him always calm and patient on the set. He is a great actor!


Q)Are you comfortable with Telugu? How are people here?

A) People are generous here. Telugu films are quite entertaining. I’m liking it! Hoping to do some more good films

Q) What are your next projects ?

A) Coming next is “oopekuha” a nidhi Prasad’s film. (Telugu)

So,Finally we All Latest News would like to Wish this gorgeous and talented heroine Shobhita Rana  a very good luck for Raja Meeru Keka and her future projects.!

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