Ravi Teja finally opens up in an interview about not attending his brother’s funeral


Ravi Teja finally opens up in an interview about not attending his brother’s funeral

We all know that Ravi Teja’s borther Bharat died in an accident few days ago. Various websites & youtube channels without knowing the proper knowledge have written against Ravi Teja as he didn’t attended the funeral of his brother. Many people have took Ravi Teja in a very wrong way.


Finally Ravi Teja himself opened up about this to a leading daily telugu news paper. When asked why he didn’t attend the funeral of his brother Ravi Teja has replied that

“I love my brother Bharat a lot. Our family is in deep shock after knowing this accident news. My mother has got fainted after seeing news. My dad’s age is 85 and his health is not so good. Meanwhile we have made all the arrangements for taking bharat to the hospital. We have heard that Bharat’s face has got damaged due to the accident and we don’t want to see him in that way. That’s the reason why I didn’t attend the funeral. But various people have written in various ways about me which is really a sad thing. I’m now spending time with my parents as soon as I finish shooting.It was Bharat who used to spend lot of time with my parents. So , now I’m taking that place.”

Ravi Teja finally opens up about not attending his brother's funeral

When asked that why did you attend shooting in this very bad situation the very next day, Ravi Teja has replied that

“Various people write in Social media in different ways. But,There were many people in the location that day. It is not that so easy thing to get the dates of those people again. It will be very hard for the producer and he would loose money. I also don’t want to make the technicians and artists work difficult. I didn’t went to the set happily. I went with to complete my work in a very sad mood.”

Director anil Ravipudi has also told that Ravi Teja is in a very sad mood and these websites are writing in a very bad way.


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