Pillaa Raa Song From RX 100 Creates A New Record


Pillaa Raa Song From RX 100 Creates A New Record

Pillaa Raa, no doubt is the sensational song of the year. The amount of craze the song has got before the release of the film is something more than amazing. Even it isn’t exaggeration if we say that the song has got hype for the film than the intimate scenes shown in the trailer before the release. After that, RX 100 film was released and it was registered as block buster hit and the song has got even more popular from then.


Even now, Pillaa Raa song is on a record breaking spree. The full video song which was published in Mango Music few months ago has hit 100 million + views now. This is something extraordinary. Pillaa Raa song is now the fastest Telugu song to reach 100 Million views milestone. Cheers to all those who made it possible. The song has 140 + million views across youtube (including lyrical & edited version).

Kathikeya and Payal Rajput are the main leads in RX 100. Chaitan Bharadwaj, the young talent has given tunes while RGV’s assistant Ajay Bhupathi has helmed this project.


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