Majili Movie HONEST & GENUINE Review | Naga Chaitanya | Samantha


Majili Movie HONEST & GENUINE Review

Majili, one of the most awaited movie in Telugu has finally hit the screens today with loads of expectations. For all those who are eagerly waiting to know how’s the film, here’s a honest & genuine review

Story :

The story revolves around a ambitious cricketer (Poorna). He falls in love with a Navy officer daughter Anju (Divyansha). But due to some politics, their love will not be accepted and Anju forcibly was married to another guy. Poorna who gets into depression also gets married to another girl Sravani (Samantha). What turns will take place Poorna’s life after the entry of Sravani? Will Poorna accept Sravani? Will the couple be happy? forms the rest of the story.

Actors Performance:

Naga Chaitanya – This was Naga Chaitanya’s career best performance. The way he emoted himself in the film is something more than awesome. He has done complete justice to the Poorna role and made it look like no other actor would be imagined in his place.

Samantha – She was like heart of the film. This is probably for the first time Sam has played such role and she has done it with lot of ease. She has made everyone emotional with her performance throughout the film. One cannot image MAJILI without Sam. She has given more than her best. Sam’s performance will surely stand out.

Divyansha: Divyansha as Anju has nailed that role. Her body language as North Indian girl was perfect. Her chemistry with Chay was simply amazing

Other senior actors like Rao Ramesh, Posani, Subbaraju were perfect in their roles and has been as supporting pillars for Majili. It was SUHAS of Chai Bisket fame who will surely go places after this film.


  1. Lead Actor’s Performances
  2. Shiva Niravana’s Director, Screenplay & Taking (After Ninnu Kori, He has again prove that he is the pro at showcasing the emotional bondings in the film. All credits to him. Tollywood is lucky to have him)
  3. Cinematography (This is Top Notch)
  4. Thaman’s BGM (It was killer. Elevated Chay’s character in the film and also it has made the emotional scenes look more impactful)
  5. Songs Choreography
  6. First Half & Emotional Scenes In The 2nd Half (Especially the climax)
  7. Supporting roles
  8. Editing (It was decent)
  9. Dialogues (They are straight & meaningful)
  10. Production Values of Shine Screens


  1. Songs (Which could have been more better
  2. Some scenes which looked dragged in 2nd half


What we finally tell is that don’t miss watching this emotional ride at your nearest cinemas. If you are even not free make some time and go for this film. That so worthy it is.


Our Rating : 3.75/5.00 (We Highly Recommend It)


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